Transform spaces in your home using DIY arts and crafts ideas

The first thing that comes your mind when someone utters “Home Improvement” is your favorite design magazine filled with the hypnotic photographs of your potential dream home. This thought is immediately followed by the assumption, that must have cost a fortune! But that the common misconception with home renovation, that it is expensive and time […]

Arts and crafts – An inspiring children’s activity

Arts and crafts in 21st Century cannot be merely translated as a fun pastime for children. Our approach towards education has significantly evolved, now it cannot be just reduced to math science or languages. Like athletics, arts and crafts are also a form of mental exercise for children. So, if your child shows an increased […]

The 6 must have arts and crafts supplies

If you’re in a transitional phase of switching to a DIY Lifestyle, here are 6 must have arts and crafts supplies to be stashed in your home. Scissors and glue Found a one of a kind magazine photo, or want to cut off a part of a fabric, then scissors are your must have tool. […]

Be a part of the DIY culture of arts and crafts

Do It Yourself, these words surely must be ringing some bells in your mind. A popular hashtag of the social media websites, DIY somehow translates into the Arts and Crafts Movement of our century. The Arts and Crafts Movement of the 1800s defied the factory production which was mediocre, both in taste and in quality. […]

Arts and crafts as a therapeutic experience for adults

Arts and crafts can be an amazing medium to help children communicate. But it’s not just limited to kids or artists, it is proven to be an effective form of therapy for adults as well. There are times in life where words spoken or otherwise cannot comprehensively express what one is feeling. The major goal […]