The greatest fine arts creations of all time

Art is a fiercely subjective aspect of our lives. No connoisseur of art can possibly come to a consensus regarding the best piece of art created. Here are possibly 5 of the greatest fine arts creations of all time. Starry Night Vincent van Gogh’s Starry Night with its mystic color palette and strangely endearing swirls […]

Career possibilities after pursuing a fine arts degree

If you’re considering a degree in fine arts and contemplating what kind of career prospects will it offer to you, don’t worry, because there are plenty. A fine arts degree comprises a variety of majors for you to study and specialize. After a bachelor’s degree, you also have an option of studying a master’s course […]

The online world of fine arts education

The thriving technology of 21st century has brought the world closer and has expanded possibilities of all sorts, for all kinds of people. The sphere of education in the world economy has not shied away from the incorporation of computer screens, and has managed to reach unimaginable summits. And this is not just a scalable […]

3 things to remember while applying for a fine arts degree

Applying for a fine arts school is exciting as well as intimidating. The degree of fine arts typically lasts for 4 years, and can alter you in so many ways as an artist and eventually your perspective towards life. Since getting into a fine arts school is not an easy act, here are 3 things […]