Saved by the car title in tight financial times

Did you know that you could get a loan even if your credit history is bad, or you have a huge stack of unpaid cards, or no money in the bank? All you do need is to own a car, and be willing to part with the paper vehicle title and use your vehicle as […]

Basic rates for used car financing

Are you worried that your decision to buy a used car, and not spring for a new one will affect your ability to get financing for your purchase? Well, you shouldn’t be! A lot of banks and financial institutions out there offer good rates on financing for used car purchases, given certain parameters like the […]

Tips for getting that car finance

So, you have made the decision to purchase a car. And you of course need some sort of financing in order to make it happen, especially if you are looking to buy a new car or a gentlyused one from a dealership. In such cases, most of the time, the options and advice can be […]

Here’s how you can get a car finance

The vast majority of Americans, close to 90% actually, seek some sort of financing when it comes to purchasing a new car. The biggest and most major hurdle when you’re in the car financing game is, of course, getting credit approval in a timely and stress-free manner. At the end of the day, very few […]

Understanding car finance

Are you shopping around for a car? Well then, the subject of car financing should be something you should be studying and researching rather seriously! For most of us, the purchase of a car goes hand in hand with getting financing for it. Whether you’re in the market for a new car or a used […]