How to prevent kidney cysts with natural remedies

Kidney cysts are pouches or sacs that consists of fluids and are usually located on the surface on kidneys. Simple cysts and polycystic kidney disease (PKD) are its two forms. PKD requires immediate medical intervention under all circumstances as they can severely influence the kidney functions and even lead to kidney failure if left untreated. […]

Understanding the signs and treatments for kidney cysts

Kidney cysts are fluid-filled sacs situated inside your kidneys. A patient can have one or multiple of these pouches in both the kidneys. Typically these can occur in two forms, i.e., simple cysts and polycystic kidney disease. The former is harmless and doesn’t negatively influence the function of the kidneys. You might not even realize […]

Endoscopy procedure for treating kidney stones

Kidneys act as filters for the body as they help in removing chemicals and excess fluid from the body by making urine. Most of the chemicals get converted into urine and are flushed out of the body, unnoticed. However there are some chemicals that accumulate in the system and form tiny crystals. These tiny crystals […]

5 things to know about kidney dialysis

The function of the kidneys is to remove waste material from the body, filter keeps the blood pressure under control, maintain a balance of sodium and potassium in the blood, maintain the pH balance of the body, and are responsible for the secretion of hormones that create red blood cells in the body. When one […]

5 useful things a person undergoing kidney dialysis should know

Chronic kidney disorder or kidney disease progresses through stages. The stages of kidney failure start from Stage 1, which is a mild form of kidney problem, and then proceeds to Stage 5. Kidney dialysis is required after the fourth stage of kidney failure. In some cases, the progress of kidney failure may not be rapid. […]

Treatment options for various causes of kidney pain

Unlike lower back pain, kidney pain is usually experienced as a pain around the kidney located in the upper abdomen. It can be due to several reasons. In some case, the pain may extend to flaks or the area around the groin. Primary causes of kidney pain: Kidney infection Hydronephrosis i.e., swelling in the kidney […]

Back pain vs. kidney pain – Know the difference

Kidneys are located just above the pelvic arch on either side of your lower back. Lower back pain occurs usually near the area around the kidneys. However, in some instances, it may spread to the region in front of the groin and the hip. This is the reason why kidney pain and back pain are […]

Causes and symptoms of stage 3 kidney disease

Even though there are no visible symptoms of the first two stages of kidney disease, symptoms may start affecting people with the advent of the third stage. Some people do not develop symptoms even in the third stage, and this is extremely dangerous because your kidney can be damaged without you realizing it. Symptoms you […]

The third stage of kidney disease

Chronic kidney disease is a gradual effect of kidney damage, which can happen either due to physical injuries or some other health complications such as high blood pressure and high blood sugar. Once the kidneys become damaged, they tend to be dysfunctional and are not able to filter blood or perform other functions, which would […]

Everything you need to know about high uric acid levels

Higher uric acid levels can cause serious health problems. It can result in gout arthritis, kidney stones, and even renal failure. Recent studies have shown other complications associated with it. A higher uric acid level may lead to hypertension and cardiovascular diseases as well. Causes of high level of uric acid in the body An […]