4 popular GPS that is known for the best driving directions

Automotive navigation systems have come a long way; they are now smarter and more affordable than the GPS systems manufactured five years ago. The low production cost has led many auto manufacturers to incorporate built-in navigation systems in the newer car models. A good-quality dedicated GPS navigation device on a car’s dashboard gives the best […]

4 popular GPS apps for your smartphone

Although using standalone GPS navigation systems in the car is quite convenient, the number of people using their smartphones for navigation is steadily increasing. In a survey conducted by the market research company J.D. Power and Associates in 2013, it was found that the number of car owners using smartphone navigation apps increased from 37% […]

Tips for choosing a GPS fleet tracking system

A survey by the ATA (American Trucking Association) found that the productivity benefits to a trucking company ranged from 5% to more than 25% when the fleet management used real-time GPS tracking systems. As per the ATA, not only did customer service improve due to better on-time deliveries, but also customer pick-up requests were faster […]

Fleet tracking GPS systems- an overview

Fleet Tracking Systems, currently known as Fleet tracker GPS, are a typical application which demonstrate the versatility of IT solutions when coupled with GPS systems. There are fleet tracking systems to practically suit the individual owner of a few vehicles to large companies owning large number of vehicles operating over vast, inter and intra-state networks. […]

History of the Global Positioning System (GPS)

Necessity is the mother of invention so goes the adage. In many of the really innovative and revolutionary inventions, war had been the mother. Global Positioning System or GPS, the very first of the many inventions, is a product that was primarily developed and meant for war. After Russia launched their satellite Sputnik’ in 1957, […]

Garmin Golf GPS – Golf Aides

Garmin is a company specializing in GPS aided application for spoGPS-aided creation. Garmin Golf GPS is a product which enables golf players to improve the standard of their play. It is an aide one can use during training or daily playing. It cannot be used during tournaments or competitions. It comes in many easy to […]

Garmin Golf GPS – an overview

Garmin Golf GPS is a company that specializes in the manufacture of GPS aided devices. The company started from a discussion between a few engineers that they had way back in the year 1989. Thier idea was to form a company which will make innovative GPS-aided devices to enrich the lives of their customers. Their […]

Some of the best GPS tracking devices for cars

One could have numerous reasons for keeping track of the whereabouts of one’s vehicle. For instance, one might be trying to avoid car theft if it is prevalent in the area that they live in. Another example is if you are the parent of a child who has recently started driving, so you want to […]

Car navigation with GPS

Vehicle navigation is one application of all the aspects of GPS Systems that the common man uses the most. With the advent of smartphones which are GPS-incorporated, car navigation has become immensely popular. However, it has introduced a limitation that an internet or a mobile service is necessary for its operation. These navigation systems are […]

Commercial Applications of GPS

When combined with other IT based technologies, one’s own imagination and innovativeness seems to be the only limit to the applications. The first civilian department to use GPS was the survey department. The advantages to survey was so huge that the then US president ordered to share the GPS data for civilian use. The usefulness […]