Important things about staph infections you need to be aware of

Staph infections are caused by a bacterium known as staphylococcus which is round-shaped and is found as┬ásingle or double cells and even in the form of clusters. Any part of the body can contract this condition. Typically, most staph infections begin by infesting the skin or the cuts on it. At times, they can enter […]

Essential information on staph infection

The bacteria that cause staph infection, called Staphylococcus aureus, live on everybody’s skin and are mostly dormant until they are triggered. Lack of hygiene trigger the bacteria and that results in staph infection. The cases of women getting or contacting staph infection after visiting a beauty salon in the country are surprising yet true. Staph […]

How can you spot the signs of staph infection

The bacteria that causes staph infection is called staphylococcus aureus bacteria. Usually this bacterium doesn’t cause any infection and is in fact harmless. However, the infection can occur when this bacterium multiplies after entering the body. It is common to have this bacteria that causes staph infection living under your nose as you are reading […]

A few quick ways to identify chickenpox infection

Caused by the herpes varicella-zoster virus, chickenpox strikes a lot of people during childhood. Since the introduction of chickenpox vaccine, the incidents of this disease have become low. However, if a person has not been vaccinated against the disease and has never been infected with this virus, they can be susceptible to chickenpox. Also, after […]

Viral infections, a brief overview

Viruses are the main reasons for causing different types of viral infections. Viral infections can be either treated by vaccination or with the use of antiviral drugs. There are however a number of viral infections which are capable of avoiding the immune response from these countermeasures and develop resistance through mutation. This is why it […]

Treatment for symptoms of viral infections

Viral infections are caused due to a number of viruses present in the environment, which can be transmitted easily depending on the type of virus and infection. Respiratory viral infections are caused due to airborne viruses while a foodborne virus can get transmitted via foods and drinks consumed. There are certain viral infections which can […]

Preventive methods for protection against viral infections

Viral infections can spread very easily and rely on a healthy host to infect through the virus. These are normally categorized into air borne, food borne, sexually transmitted infections among others. However, bacterial and viral infections exhibit signs and symptoms which make it easy to identify depending on the type of virus. As they rightly […]

Different types of viral infections

Viral infections are commonly caused due to a host virus attack on the immune system. Since viruses cannot survive and grow on their own, they attach to cells in the body to introduce the genetic material of the carrier virus ultimately killing the host cell and replacing it with virus cell copies. This is how […]

West Nile virus infection, understand the symptoms

West Nile virus is a mosquito borne infection which causes West Nile fever. Common West Nile virus symptoms start showing up between 2 to 15 days after onset normally depending on the severity of the condition. However, in most cases, it is very difficult to identify the symptoms since 8 out of 10 people don’t […]

Hepatitis C: The slow and silent infection

According to WHO, 80 percent of deaths due to liver cancer have been caused by Hepatitis C. Nearly 1 million people have been killed by this disease. It is estimated that approximately 3 million people in the US are affected by the Hepatitis C virus. In most cases, Hepatitis C goes undetected, until a critical […]