Here’s what you need to know nicotine patches

Kicking the habit of smoking is usually easier said than done. It might take multiple attempts to succeed; however, the good thing is that now there are a variety of nicotine replacement therapies (NRTs) that make this ordeal much easier to face. At the moment, nicotine patches are the most popular forms of NRTs that […]

4 reasons to use nicotine patches to quit smoking

Despite several efforts, you haven’t managed to kick the smoking habit? Well, don’t give up yet! Quitting smoking is the best thing to do as it not only interferes with the wellbeing of your health but of those around you too. It is true, giving up on smoking can very tough, especially, because of the […]

4 home remedies to treat tongue bumps

Bumps are naturally present on the tongue, as evidenced by pictures seen online. These bumps help in sensing the taste and temperature of the food we eat and are quite minuscule in size, giving the tongue its rough texture. Problems arise when the bumps become enlarged. This may happen due to accidental biting or scalding of […]

4 common causes of enlarged tongue bumps

The presence of bumps on the tongue is quite normal. Known as fungiform papillae, these tongue bumps are present on the sides and top of the tongue. The color of these bumps is same as the tongue, and they give a rough texture to the tongue. These bumps contain temperature sensors and taste buds, which […]

Who are at risk of getting receding gums

Gums, as we know and believe, are important of the oral health but that’s the half-truth. Gums are not just responsible for your oral health, they are responsible for your overall good health. When the food particles are not removed from the teeth after a meal, they can turn into plaque and that can cause […]

How smoking affects your dental health

Smoking is a bad habit, which in some cases can become an addiction. There are people who smoke occasionally and people who have to smoke on every other occasion. You might be a chain smoker or just happen to enjoy a few cigarettes a day, it doesn’t matter. Be it one or one whole pack; […]

Easy ways to quit smoking

Smoking can start as a one-off thing and slowly become an addiction. There comes a time after which even quitting can seem a distant thought, which is why the following remedies should be tired out as effective treatments to quit smoking. Acupuncture: Acupuncture can control your cravings for a cigarette. Medical professionals will manipulate pressure […]

3 home remedies to treat sores on the side of the tongue

A sore tongue may not sound like a very big deal but the condition brings with it great discomfort and a lot of pain. Not just while eating meals, blisters and a thrust on the tongue can be distressing even while speaking. The tongue is very sensitive and certain abnormalities and infections can appear in the […]

5 common causes of sores on the side of the tongue

Although small, the tongue plays a substantial role in the normal functioning of your everyday life. Not just enjoying your meals, a healthy tongue is necessary in order for one to have a clear speech. The tongue’s color and texture can denote a lot about the health of the overall body. And while an injury or […]