4 reasons why you must buy the Nike Air Max 90

The Nike Air Max trainers have been around for more than four decades now, and they¬†still hold a strong position in the shoe fashion industry. They are still as popular as they used to be in the early 70s. A major reason for the sustained popularity is the constant evolution of designs which have kept […]

4 popular designs from the Nike Air Max 90 family

It has been 31 whole years since the release of the first ever Nike Air Max trainers, and the shoe has come a long way. With the addition of new models to the Air Max family almost every other year since its inception, the family has grown significantly. A new model of the Nike Air […]

5 popular and trending variants of the Nike Cortez

Nike is a brand name known to everyone when it comes to athletic and fitness goods. Shifting fashion trends today indicate a comeback of the classic Nike Cortez sneakers, that were popular in the 70s. The low profile style works particularly well with different styles of women’s clothing. Popular variants of the Nike Cortez are […]

Popular women’s performance shoes from Skechers

Skechers started as a utilitarian footwear brand that has expanded unbelievably. It now offers many styles of comfortable yet fashionable athletic, and casual shoes. One of the best rated athletic footwear houses, Skechers, specializes in performance shoes. While most women’s Skechers are popular for being uniquely styled, and ultra-comfortable, Skechers offers several varieties of shoes […]

The chronicles of Asics, the perfect running shoes

Almost everything on the face of the Earth has some sort of history attached to it. Human history and evolution, everything has been chronicled. You shouldn’t be surprised if you find the history of your favorite fashion brand and how it evolved from the founder’s brainchild to the popular clothing brand it has become. People […]

Stylish and durable men’s shoes from Merrell

Merrell shoes are widely popular all across the globe glove for their comfortable fit and casual style. These shoes are easily available in Merrell outlets and are reasonably priced. If you have been planning to visit any of the Merrell outlets in your locale, these are the pairs to look for. Men’s Rant Priced at […]

Top 4 Merrell running shoes

Merrell is known for its outstanding range of footwear for both men and women. You can find numerous Merrell shoe outlets all across the US. When you do to visit an outlet, you must know which shoes are a must-buy for yourself. Here are some of their most popular running shoes you will come across […]