What does secondary hyperhidrosis mean?

Hyperhidrosis is of two types one is Primary, Idiopathic or Focal, and the other one is Secondary Hyperhidrosis, which is unlike the primary and has an underlying disease as its cause. It is more of a symptom than a disease in itself. The sweating in this type of hyperhidrosis, unlike the primary, is not localized. […]

Home remedies to deal with hyperhidrosis

There are a number of ways to handle hyperhidrosis at home using some very effective home remedies that one can administer to oneself. They are inexpensive methods which can be resorted to using food items that are readily available. In fact, people are hardly aware of the useful properties of these food items and especially […]

An overview of hyperhidrosis

Hyperhidrosis is a condition in which patients sweat excessively. It is estimated that about 3% of Americans suffer from this condition. The condition is also known as polyhidrosis or seborrhea. Depending on the source that causes the problem, hyperhidrosis is classified as Primary, Idiopathic, or Focal hyperhidrosis. There is apparently no known cause for the […]