Things you need to know about video games

Video games are not the sole preserve of children. Everybody loves to spend some time in front of the console, playing their favorite genre of video game. Video games are classified into genres in accordance with the characteristics of gameplay of the individual game. Every genre has its dedicated fanbase too. Video game genres The […]

The world of Minecraft

Slated to be the second best-selling video game after Tetris, Minecraft lets players do whatever they want to do and however they want to within the structure provided by the game. Minecraft became quite popular after popular video-game Youtubers like PewDiePie and Xebaz started live-streaming their games to their hundreds of followers. Released in 2009, […]

5 interesting hacks to survive Minecraft

Launched nearly seven years ago, Minecraft is slowly becoming one of the most phenomenal games among video-game players. Created by the Swedish company Mojang, the game gives players absolute freedom to do build anything in whatever way they want. The most irresistible aspects of the game are its player-devised complexity ( a player can make […]

Popular video games of all times

Whether you are a die-hard gamer or indulge in video games for killing time, believe it or not, video games have become a part and parcel of our lives. For some, these are one of the ways of escaping the reality and finding peace with the virtual world and for others, this might be a […]

Five popular genres of video games

It is widely observed that the gaming industry has become far bigger than the movie business if we go by the revenue numbers alone. The constant use of innovative technologies and the vast number of gamers have made the gaming industry one of the most looked upon segments. There is an integration of the best […]

Impact of video games, on society and self

Video games have evolved over the years, with billions of dollars being invested in its development. It is not just an alternative reality to which you can escape for a few hours anymore. Gaming is taken very seriously by avid gamers and people globally, for which they dedicate a number of hours practicing and perfecting […]

An overview of video games

Video games provide an exciting, interactive experience with a user interface that generates visual feedback on a video devices such as a computer monitor or a TV screen. The display device can produce two or three dimensional images, with which the user interacts and reacts accordingly. Video games have evolved over the years, from two […]