Popular pastime activities involving metal detectors

Metal detecting as a hobby is greatly rewarding. To passionate hobbyists it is exercise, a stress buster and vacation, all packed in a single activity. Metal detection, however, is not just one isolated activity. It has its types. Check out this list of popular metals detecting hobbies that people around the world enjoy! Coin shootingCoin […]

Basic working principle of a metal detector

Metal detectors are fascinating devices that spot hidden foreign objects from an area or a person. Different types of metal detecting devices work on different working principles. The science behind most of them remains essentially the same – electromagnetic induction. We constantly rely on the intimate connection between magnetism and electricity every time we use […]

Reasons why metal detection is such a popular hobby

Metal detection is a hugely popular hobby that has won the favor of numerous enthusiasts all around the world. You may wonder why metal detection is such an enthralling and exciting hobby that makes people go gaga over it. For a person who is consumed with the love for metal detection, answering what’s so exciting […]

Popular uses of metal detectors

Metal detectors are electronic instruments used to detect foreign bodies such as metal items hidden within objects or buried underground. First found around 1960, metal detectors ever since have had several uses in various industries. Check out some of the most popular uses of metal detecting devices. Security Screening Prior to the rectangular gantry now […]