Reasons to buy the power-packed Dodge Challenger

The Dodge Challenger is a masculine car that gives you oodles of energy when you step on the pedal. This is an SUV that looks good, feels good to drive, and provides ample space in the interiors. If you love the brand and would love yourself some Dodge power, you can think about leasing an […]

Tips to increase the performance of car engines

The engine is an integral part of a car and impacts the working of the vehicle to a very great extent. Secured under the hood of the car, the engine is a gigantic jumble of components include tubes, metals,¬†and wires. The working together of these parts efficiently renders as an energy booster of the car. […]

Different types of auto glass & how to maintain them

Have you ever wondered why the windshield glass does not break into sharp shards of glass when a car meets with an accident? That is because the glass used to make the windshield and the side windows of the car is not regular glass. It is called auto glass and is specially designed to meet […]

Things you need to know about breakdown cover

When your car suddenly faces a mechanical breakdown, it can be stressful and inconvenient. Having a breakdown cover can not only get you out of this pickle quickly, but it will also leave you feeling much peaceful whenever you take your car out for a drive, knowing you won’t be just stranded somewhere. However, before […]

Regular services and maintenance your car needs

As exciting as it is to get and drive a new car, it is very important to maintain it as well. While getting your care serviced from the authorized dealer is essential, there are a few things that you can regularly keep an eye on in order to keep your car running well and that […]

Why do you need a vehicle service contract?

Even if you buy the most expensive car you will have to face car break downs time to time and with today’s advanced technology vehicle repairs can be costly. Have you considered a vehicle service contract? If there is any severe repair in lifetime will you be able to afford from your own pocket if […]

Types of mechanical alignment you need to know

If your vehicle is suffering from an alignment problem, then the issue is with the wheels. It just takes a matter of seconds to knock out your vehicle’s alignment like smacking over a pothole, curbs and even usual wear and tear in It is very simple to find when your car is out of alignment. […]

Best automotive service stations

The best automotive service stations are classified based on many features like certification, warranties, specialty and location. You should be careful in choosing the right service station to give your vehicle for repair. Many service mechanics may overcharge you for repairs. The quality of services greatly differs from the best automotive service shops and the […]