Choosing the right breakdown cover

A quality breakdown cover service should be able to provide roadside assistance and help of any and every kind, as well as pile the customer with lots of support and help and a few extras. Hence, it becomes imperative for you to carefully analyze what you want from your breakdown cover before zeroing in on […]

Roadside assistance for motorcycles

Roadside assistance is as essential for motorcycles as it is for cars. Whether or not your bike is your daily mode of transport or whether or not you use it extensively or even if it is just one of the many vehicles that someone in the family or you use, it would be wise to […]

Why would you need roadside assistance?

Roadside assistance can have multiple benefits. Again, getting it or not depends on how much and the type of convenience that you want. Then again, you might end up wanting extra protection. There are numerous reasons to get roadside assistance along with your insurance and here are some of them: Vehicle age: If your car […]

Tips for roadside emergency safety

Roadside emergency is a possibility that any driver can encounter. The emergency might be due to flat tire, engine failure, overheating or could happen even due to accidents. You will have to tow your car from road to the nearest garage or if the car is not in the condition to be towed, you might […]

What roadside assistance does not cover?

When you are on a long drive, there are so many chances for your car to break down. It may be due to over heating or any kind of mechanical failure the worst part is when you are with family. This is when roadside assistance comes to rescue. It is coverage that you get from […]

Basics of roadside breakdown cover

Car breakdowns are unpredictable and it suddenly makes you feel lost. You may or may not have have given your car for service recently, but if you’ve taken up a spontaneous decision for long drive with your family, friends or alone, the being stuck with a broken-down car is not exactly what you want. What […]