5 benefits of using disposable razors for sensitive skin

Those with sensitive skin often have to take extra precautions during their skincare routines and grooming. Sensitive skin is prone to damage and irritation. This is especially true while shaving. The sharp razor blade can easily nick sensitive skin. The cuts can cause a slight burning and irritation of the skin. This can be quite […]

4 premium disposable razors perfect for sensitive skin

Premium disposable razors are a must-have when you are traveling. The biggest benefits of premium disposable razors are that they are light-weight and occupy very little space, which can be quite helpful if you are traveling. Moreover, you do not have to worry about finding the right batteries or electric socket that will be compatible […]

Here’s how you can get rid of razor bumps

Shaving on a regular basis or even occasionally can give you itchy, inflamed red razor bumps. These bumps basically result from hair follicles getting stuck within the skin, and in some cases, these get infected with bacteria. When this happens, the skin gets swollen with red, irritable pimples. Whoever gets these burns desperately wants to […]

6 popular home remedies to get rid of razor bumps

Folliculitis or razor bumps appear on the skin after you shave or while the hair is growing back. These are generally caused by the razor’s friction and ingrown hair. While razor bumps leave your skin red, swollen, and irritable, you can easily get rid of razor bumps with some super easy home solutions. Here are […]

How to choose the best men’s deodorant

We often blame sweat as the main culprit behind body odor. While sweat seemingly has a bad odor, it is the bacteria that causes a foul smell. Antiperspirants and deodorants are known to combat this potential problem in their own ways. With so many odor removal products available in the markets, choosing the best men […]

5 traits of the perfect antiperspirant for men

Our personal hygiene plays a major role in making us look good and feel good at the same time. Nobody likes a sloppy looking person, nor would you appear desirable if your shirts have big sweat stains around your underarms. Body odor isn’t pleasant, thus the high demand of antiperspirants and deodorants. Antiperspirants play a […]

The best antiperspirants for men to keep sweat at bay

Everybody aspires to look nice and a lot of effort goes into deciding what you would wear for your evening date, or when you decided to meet your girlfriend’s parents. But, things start taking a nose-dive when you see patches of sweat ruining your favorite shirt. Not only does sweat make your clothes look bad, […]

5 best men’s deodorants to watch out for!

Quite like antibiotics, bacteria can develop resistance to your deodorant formula. This is probably why experts recommend you change your deodorant at least every six months. Every individual has a distinct set of requirements when it comes to underarm products. While those who sweat excessively may look out for antiperspirants, men with odor issues rely […]

Tips to ensure that you get the best shave

It is not just enough that you find the best products online or source from stores, to get that perfect flawless shave. Products can only do so much, but if your technique itself is flawed, even the best shaving creams and foams can’t come to your rescue. Here are essential tips and tricks to ensure […]

Different types of shaving blades and razors for men

For daily use and a smooth shave, razor and shaving blades for men come in a number of variants. These names include straight razors, safety razors, 5 blade razors, 5 blade razors, electric shavers, blades amongst a number of brands. But finding the right blade which will give you the cleanest smoothest shave without spending […]