Advancement in treatments of neurological disorders

Specific causes for neurological disorders are various and depends on each case. Neurological disorders encompass a vast variety of cases from congenital malformations, immune system driven, cardiovascular system related and degenerative and a lot others. Each disorder has its own peculiar symptoms. Many has no known cause and are idiopathic. Degenerative disorders like Parkinson’s and […]

Kinds of neurological disorders and causes

Specific causes of neurological disorders are varied. It can be cardiovascular accidents like cerebral hemorrhage, congenital malformations, genetic factors, malnutrition, injuries, infections and a host of others. It could be the result of other body systems creating abnormalities that affect the CNS. In a minority of cases, though numerically substantial, no discernible cause is found. […]

Complications involved in neurological disorders

Emotions are always concomitant with neurological disorders. When someone is handed down a diagnosis of a neurological disorder invariably the receiver is bound to have a shock of some sort. Invariably no neurological disorder is to be viewed lightly and the prognosis, the progress of the treatment and improvement are all worries. There is always […]

Neurological disorder – What you need to know?

The word neurological means relating to the anatomy, functions and organic disorders of the nerves and the nervous system. A system as vital as the central nervous system, CNS, has been provided with adequate protection also. The extremely delicate brain and spinal cord are sheathed and covered by special membranes and enclosed within a hard […]