Five major health concerns for women

In today’s fast paced life, taking care of your health should be your primary concern. With hectic work schedules, deadlines to meet, office politics to handle and most important of all, just getting the work done properly can be very stressful. Stress is the number one killer, and stress management is key, to maintain a […]

Be healthy with Nutribullet products and accessories

Nutribullet has a few competitors, out of which none are nutrition extractors. Juicers and blenders are fundamentally different from Nutribullet in their functions, and the end processed food. This article examines the various products under the Nutribullet umbrella and how each has been designed and made for a very specific purpose. Nutribullet 600 Nutribullet 600, […]

Find better health and convenience with Nutribullet

Nutribullet is a kind of super blender that blends fruits, vegetables into some extremely nutritious and delicious smoothies. Normal blenders take the pulp and break it down to a smooth fluid. Nutribullet, on the other hand, extracts all the nutrients from the food that is processed in it. It has a special jar shaped in […]

Top 4 health risks for men

If you’re a man, until you hit your late 30s, health issues are the last thing on your mind. When they do start nagging you, you begin off small; let’s say with an aching back or a knee. However, with age, health concerns shift to bigger problems such as cancer, erectile dysfunction, heart diseases and […]

Lead a healthy life with portable oxygen

There are many who fail to lead a normal life because of heavy pollution and hectic schedules. Breathing trouble is undeniably a major health issue faced by people across the globe. Well, it is your duty to ensure that you keep yourself in an environment with low or no chances of infection due to dust […]

Benefits of health consultation

Health consultation (medical/general consultation) is a regular appointment between a general physician and a patient which aims on discussing the health status of the client. During the consultation session, the doctor will ask you several questions and conduct a checkup based on your medical issue. Although, health consultation is just not restricted to general physicians, […]

Everything you need to know about nutritional health consultation

Thousands of diet plans, hundreds of exercise regimes, ample of free advice and conflicting information on the internet makes newbies aiming at shedding those extra pounds frustrated, disappointed, and hopeless! What’s worse, the concept of optimal nutrition undergoes a change every decade adding to the woes of those who thought they did it right. The […]

Keeping athletes healthy with proper health consultation

Athletes or sportsperson often push their physical limits in order to build muscle and stamina, thus conditioning themselves for every competition. These gains can go in vain if an athlete gets injured. Hence, in order to keep the athletes healthy and help them perform at their highest level, proper health consultation is necessary. Coach of […]