Wheelchair vans and their modifications

Wheelchairs vans are your regular commercial vehicles and private vehicles which have been modified to accommodate a wheelchair with utmost comfort. This is done by converting the passenger space in the vehicle to accommodate almost all types of wheelchairs be it manual or electric to comfortably seat people who are differently abled in the modified […]

Tips for buying wheelchair vans

Wheelchair vans are modified and customized to suit the needs of people who are differently abled and want to drive or move around in their own vehicles. This is now possible due to some ingenious technological advances; your own vehicle and other commercial brand automobiles can now be modified to suit these requirements. You can […]

Roadside assistance companies for wheelchair vans

Having a medical condition or disability does not necessarily mean that you should not drive or you are allowed to drive. In most states separate vehicle driving tests are being conducted in which if they pass are certified with a licence to drive like any other person. But the person who are disabled may not […]

Roadside assistance covers for wheelchair vans

Suffering a breakdown due to a problem in your vehicle can be no fun. It can be more of a problem, if you are someone using a wheelchair van. However, there are roadside assistance covers available for wheelchair vans and used wheelchair vans as well. Here are some options you must however consider while opting […]