Best Franchises to Own Right Now!

You have been looking to start your own business, you have raised some initial capital, but how do you know what business to start! Obviously, it has to be something you are good at, but how do you know it is going to work and it will bring in the rewards you seek. Franchisors know […]

The Best Franchises to Own Under $50K

Owning a franchise holds a lot of appeal amongst investors looking to start their first business. Many franchises can be started with as little initial capital as $50K. A plethora of services and goods are provided by franchise businesses in a range of industries that finding one that suits your personality and disposition is easy. […]

How to set up franchise

Your business has grown well and now it is time to expand. The fastest way to grow your business is to Franchise. But not all businesses can or should be franchised. Let’s skim the waters and see what will it take to get your business franchised. Knowing your business: Before franchising your successful business, you […]

Growing the business by franchising

It is time to grow your successful business and scale new heights, and you are faced with the option of going it alone or going to a venture capitalist and offering them a certain amount of control in exchange for capital. Franchising the business opens up a larger market to the new businesses with lower […]

Franchising, a viable business opportunity

In the past few decades, franchising has become the quickest way to grow businesses. Franchising is beneficial to both parties, the Franchisor as well as the Franchisee. The franchisor is able to retain the value associated with the Trademark and does not have to bear the cost of building and running a distribution system. The […]

The world of franchising explained

The idea of owning a franchised business is appealing to many first-time business owners. The lure of buying into an existing, successful business model is hard to resist with many urban myths on the ease of owning and running a franchise. With many franchises failing within the first year of business is proof that the […]