Ways to prevent pulled hamstrings

Pulled hamstrings are common among athletes but are painful and require treatments to ease the pain and cure the pulled tendons. This condition occurs when the tendon of thigh muscles get stretched beyond their stretching capacity. While it can happen when you are running, or playing football, or skating, there are things you can do […]

Guidelines to buy the right fitness tracker for your needs

The market is flooded with options and models for those of us looking to buy a fitness tracker. While the earlier trackers tracked only steps and sleeping patterns, the newer versions come with features like GPS, heart rate monitors, sensors, and smartphone notifications to keep track of your fitness on a constant basis. So, if […]

Benefits of using a fitness tracker to track your fitness

Fitness and activity trackers have become quite popular, thanks to the increasing number of people choosing to keep a close watch on their fitness goals and progress. Wearers can track important information like steps taken, sleep, heart rate, calorie intake, pace, and distance traveled, etc. Though some consider them as a needless investment, a fitness […]

Fitness trends that are here to stay

Fitness is an ever evolving industry where trends tend to change rapidly. In the recent years, we witnessed the emergence of several trends that took fitness freaks around the world by a storm. However, only few of them were good enough to survive and be relevant to fitness enthusiasts presently and in the coming future. […]

Here’s how you can keep a tab on your physical fitness

BMI or body mass index, is the measure of body fat with respect to your height and weight. It is important to get your BMI checked, as it is responsible for your physical fitness. It is applicable for everyone over the age of 20. BMI was derived from a mathematical formula. It was formulated in […]