Plan your estate with revocable living trust

Have you felt the need of estate planning? Are you looking for a simple yet effective estate planning tool? If so, one of the best options that could be considered is the revocable living trust. Revocable literally means something that can be revoked or cancelled. The revocable living trust is a trust created in your […]

Estate planning – Does it matter?

Estate planning is standout amongst the essential steps any individual can take to ensure that their property and health care wishes are respected, and that friends and family are accommodated in their nonattendance. Although it can be a complex and intimidating task, hiring an attorney or a tax advisor can make a huge difference. Nowadays […]

Your concise guide to estate planning

There are several entities such as trusts, powers of attorney and wills, involved in estate planning. They aid spouses and families of estate holders to benefit from the estate of the deceased. The absence of an estate plan leads the estate to go into probate and thereafter, judged by a court. Devising an estate plan […]

Top four reasons why estate planning makes sense

Death and taxes are the two bitter truths of life. As such, it is incumbent upon each individual to strategize for a comfortable life for his loved ones in the post-death scenario. Estate planning is an effective way of doing so and achieving tangible gains. In this legal arrangement, you anticipate and arrange for a […]

Five steps to approach estate planning

Contemplating about mortality is not a priority for numerous individuals. Resultantly, they fail to plan the management and disposition of their assets, which invariably leads to confusion, financial crisis, and disharmony among surviving family members. The best thing that one can do to ward off such situations is to undertake estate planning. As per the […]

The need for property records explained

Any papers which contain vital information about a property or piece of land are called property records. The records generally indicate who is the legal owner of the property, which also includes proof of ownership and the deed registered under the his or her name. A property records office is a place which maintains such […]

Tips to search for free property records

Property records can be accessed to gain information from a number of vital records. These are available on the public domain and can be accessed online through a number of sources. Here are a few things you should know before accessing property records: A number of online websites have the multipurpose search took which will […]

Tips to decide on what kind of property to rent

House hunting can take a toll on you, especially if your are new to the city and the neighborhood for that matter. You don’t just go and move in the first place you see, that is not how it works. There are a number of factors to consider and options to weigh in even before […]

Resources you can use to know more about property archives

Archives contain information and source documents which have been accumulated over the years since the property was developed. These are normally collection of records to shed some light about the person or organization mentioned in the archives. These are a collection of records which are preserved over a period of time, also updated as and […]

Things you should know before visiting property archives

Property archives may be open for the public for research purpose but there are a number of things that you should know before visiting these places. Here is a list of do’s and don’ts while visiting a public records office or any property archives. Security check in: Not everyone is allowed to visit a public […]