Celebrity-inspired dolls that you should have

Celebrities do like to doll up for their red carpet looks. There are people around the world who imitate the celebs and their looks that they flaunt at various promotions and ceremonies. Have you ever wondered if there are any dolls who would look like some of the popular celebs? Wouldn’t that be interesting for […]

How to buy a reborn doll

It is easy to mistake a well-crafted reborn doll for a real baby. From the folds on their skin to their light blue veins, there is a lot of intricate detailing that goes into creating these dolls. Thus, as you can imagine, reborn baby dolls are available for sale at varying price bands. Some of […]

How to build a doll collection

Collecting dolls in this era seems like a rare occurrence, this is mostly because we are surrounded by various digital options for entertainment. But building a doll collection is still fascinating than ever, and for most collectors it transcends beyond a hobby. Collecting dolls gives you an amazing insight about the culture and art of […]

7 incredible features of lifelike baby dolls

Lifelike baby dolls are painstakingly designed by doll artists such that these catch the fancy of young girls and mature adults alike. These dolls are handcrafted and meticulously painted with great care for detail. Lifelike baby dolls have features that are so realistic that many mistake them for real babies. Check out some of the […]

Popular dolls around the world

The children’s world is filled with different types of dolls. From popular Barbie dolls to Marie Osmond, dolls have always been a part and parcel of every girl’s childhood. If you want to gift a doll to your daughter and do not know where to start from, here are some of the popular dolls around […]

Reborn dolls: What are they?

From the humble raggedy Ann doll to porcelain dolls, there are probably over a million different types of dolls available today. There are dolls that open and close their eyes, dolls that say ‘mama’ and then dolls that look so much like new born babies that you may be fooled into believing that they are […]

Popular therapeutic purposes of lifelike baby dolls

Love them, hate them, you can surely not ignore them. People around the world seem divided in their opinions about lifelike or ‘reborn’ dolls. Lifelike baby dolls bring about varying types of emotions among sundry people. While some find them creepy and weird, there are many others who can’t stop gushing over their adorable looks […]