5 types of toys to boost creativity in your boys

When it comes to toys boys, it’s a tough task for parents to pick up the best, as there are many options in the market. However, if you just look at categories closely, you can give more than just a pastime tool to your kid. Here are 5 toys that can boost new skills in […]

Most popular toys boys love to have

Children love taking things apart and discovering their toys so to speak. And toddlers are exceptionally curious. While most children display this trait, boys are generally seen as the ones who like to build stuff, fix stuff and basically do guy things. Choosing toys for a boy isn’t really that tough if you research a […]

5 real life toys for your girl

As a parent, you’d always want the best for your girl. If you’d have noticed, kids notice the different jobs that people do, and they’re always curious about it. What better way to give your girls a real-life teaser with toys? These are fun toys that will also make your girl learn new techniques that […]

The best toys and games for overall development

Toys are great learning tools for kids of all age groups. The best kids’ games are ones that help them develop cognitive skills, boost their creativity, improve their motor skills or develop their problem-solving skills. Depending on the type of toy and activity, you can help kids to learn at least one new skill. Here […]

How to choose the best games and toys for kids

Toys and games are important for kids. But you’ll find both good toys and not-so-good toys in terms of what they offer to your kids. So, what qualities should you look for in best kids’ games? Are cheap toys better for kids than expensive ones? If you have been thinking of these or similar questions, […]

Factors to consider while buying toys for children at Meijer’s

Right from the age of 3 months, a child starts interacting with the environment. Young children learn by observing and experimenting with every object they come across. As parents, it is our responsibility to provide them with a rich environment, which promotes development in all areas. Toys are an effective tool to bolster learning and […]

Puppets – Your child’s best entertainment partner

Puppets are loved by kids all over the world. Much before the modern toy industry found its feet, puppets were delighting children across ages. If you think puppets are more suitable for younger kids between 3-8 years, you are yet to experience the fascinating charms of a puppet. From child care workers to child psychologists, […]

Of teddy bears and squishy toys, why your baby loves them

Buying a new toy for your baby is generally a no-brainer. Giant teddy bears and overstuffed soft toys are the most popular options and are some of the most loved toys. Available in every size, design color, hue and texture, these toys are great for kids’ development. You can never go wrong with gifting a […]