5 comfortable downhill ski boots for you

No matter how experienced you are, a comfortable boot changes everything. Cold, wet and painful feet will ruin a good day. Ill-fitting boots will not transfer the energy to the skis and will, in turn, harm your performance. The latest boots on the market are now designed to be very foot friendly. They have customized […]

Carolina Boots – Added benefit icons and advanced features

When your work is hard enough, you don’t need the added frustration of a pair of boots that give nothing but sole pain and blisters on your feet. Carolina Boots manufactures boots with graded technology and add their own idea that ensures footwear with comfortable sole (and other added safety benefits) which do not make […]

4 Red Wings boots for the woman on-the-go

Red Wings is mostly known to make sturdy boots for extreme work conditions in construction, mining, mechanical, forestry, oil and gas industry, mining and so on. All-weather tough boots have been the core products of Red Wings since the World Wars. The most preferred brand among the working class, Red Wings has recently started to […]

4 durable Red Wings boots for rough and tough work

Red Wings has been synonymous with sturdy and durable workwear boots. Made for tough jobs that require a person to stand all day and walk over wobbly and slippery surfaces, Red Wings boots have always been the choice of footwear for the rough-and-ready workmen. These workwear boots are made of leather that can weather any […]

8 great reasons to buy boots today

If you’ve always wanted to own a pair of the perfect boots, it is time you take the leap. Boots can cover the foot, ankle, lower calf, or even the thigh. The height of the heel varies from below 1 inch to over 3 inches. They are highly functional as they protect the feet and […]

Why you must wear safety boots at work

Industrial and construction work sites have inherent hazards. This does not mean they’re unsuitable workplaces, just that you must take precautions and be safe. People working in the construction industries need to protect their feet from falling heavy equipment, molten metal, and chemical spills. Not to mention the hardware like nails and screws that are […]

Guide to protect your Red Wing boots

If you are shoe aficionado, you cannot afford to ignore the legacy of Red Wing shoes. Envisioned in the early 20th Century by Charles Beckman in Minnesota, this brand is a must have. Made for the working class, Red Wing footwear is for the rugged and the rough. They were designed for mining, logging, and […]