iPhone XS Max 256GB – Features, release date, and price

The iPhone XS Max comes in multiple storage iterations, therefore selecting the one can be difficult for a user. It is offered in three storage capacities, i.e., 64GB, 256GB, and 512GB. The base model of 64GB can be insufficient for some users. Ideally, in such case, a 128GB device would strike the perfect balance according […]

Here’s what you need to know about the all-new iPhone XS Max 512GB

Last year’s much-talked-about iPhone X is succeeded by two flagship models, i.e., iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max this year. Unexpectedly, the iPhone X family has introduced a third member, iPhone XR which falls more in the affordable smartphone segment. While the iPhone XR has hogged the spotlight with its pricing, users and tech experts […]

Striking features of the iPhone XS 512GB

Its official the Apple event on 12th September 2018 announced the release of the three most advanced smartphones of the year  the iPhone XS, the iPhone XS Max, and the iPhone XR. If you’re looking for all-new advanced features along with a massive storage space in your next iPhone, then the iPhone XS 512GB is […]

Tech specs of the new iPhone XR 256GB

iPhone’s X series has been one of the most popular launches in the company’s timeline. Apple has always strived to “Think different,” and the company has lived up to this motto in its latest launch – the iPhone XR. The iPhone XR is one of Apple’s most affordable smartphones available across three variants including the […]

iPhone XR 64GB – Apple’s latest budget offering

When someone talks about an iPhone, innovation is the first thing that comes to mind. Apple, a pioneer of computing technology, never ceases to amaze smartphone users. The brand strives to achieve excellence in design while focusing on factors like the product’s aesthetic as well as computing capabilities. Announced recently, the iPhone XR 64GB is […]

A guide to the new iPhone XR 128GB

The iPhone is more than just a smartphone. It is a product associated with a brand that never ceases to amaze tech lovers. Apple is known for its products that combine bold design with stunning computing power. The iPhone XR is one such example, which was announced by the company recently. It aims to break […]

A sneak peek into the iPhone XS 256GB

The Apple event on the 12th September 2018 at California saw the release of three most-awaited smartphones of the year the iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, and iPhone XR. With this year’s launch, Apple has remained loyal to its design elements just a few tweaks here and there to keep the iPhone XS a standout […]

3 major highlights of the iPhone XS Max 64GB

Apple launched three of its most awaited smartphones of 2018 on September 12. The new additions to the iPhone X family are XS, XS Max, and the surprisingly affordable, XR. Among these, XS and XS Max are its flagship models, having earned the label of “the new $1000 Apple iPhones.” The iPhone XS Max particularly […]

Apple iPhone XS 64GB – Tech specs, variants, and price range

Apple kicked off its 2018 iPhone launch event at its futuristic Apple Campus in California. The release date of the latest iPhone XS, XS Max, and XR was 12th September 2018. With rumors galore about the event, we had countless speculations about the smartphone launch, newly added custom features, and prices. Finally, we have the […]

5 reasons why buying the iPhone X is a logical decision

A flagship from the American multinational technology company, the Apple iPhone X can make every phone lover go weak in the knees. From a futuristic suave design, to notably eye-catching features, the iPhone X is a deal that hits all the right spots. Well, the $1000 price tag can surely put you in a frenzy. […]