3 popular handheld vacuums to keep your house spic and span

Household activities such as cleaning can be mind-numbingly dull and mundane. It is estimated that people, in general, spend one to two hours per day cleaning their living spaces. Handheld vacuums become necessary when there are kids or pets around the house. Good handheld vacuums are the best tools to clean in a smaller space […]

4 things to know before buying a handheld vacuum

Handheld vacuums first came into the market as cordless dust-busters in 1979. Although their suction was weak and run time was poor, they made cleaning easier and simpler for a lot of people. With new innovations in technology, handheld vacuums are now equipped with quick-charging batteries, powerful suction, and additional accessories. Handheld vacuums are great […]

Top Dyson vacuums to consider for a perfectly clean home

If you have already used vacuum cleaners from other manufacturers in the past, you must opt for one of the suitable Dyson vacuums. Even though most vacuums claim to offer a host of features and dexterity in performance, few are able to meet up the expectations of the users. But you can rest assured that […]

Dyson vacuum cleaners: Many a choice, but which is the best?

Messy kids with muddy shoes running on your favorite carpet may give you a heart attack. Fret no more. Own Dyson’s vacuum cleaner. Vacuum cleaners are an essential commodity in every household. They have rendered cleaning an easier and non-messy chore, and they help to keep the premises neat and clean. Choosing the vacuum cleaner […]

Vacuum cleaners: Selecting the right option and using effectively

Have you ever contemplated the reason behind lovely-looking carpets? You can have them so if you allow no shoes in the house and vacuum the carpet on a regular basis. But the greatest challenge here is to choose the right vacuum cleaners. There are two types of vacuum cleaners – canister and upright. The canister […]

What to consider while choosing vacuum cleaners

Cleaning the home is a simple task when you are armed with the right vacuum cleaner, but choosing the right vacuum cleaner itself is a difficult task. It is easy to lose yourself in the wide milieu of different tools, varying suction powers, filters and other options. So what is the best way to select […]

Tips to safely and effectively use food vacuum sealers

Food vacuum sealers are all the rage these days as they offer a convenient way of keeping food fresh for a long time. Two types of vacuum sealers the counter top models and handheld ones are currently in the market. The countertop models of Foodsaver vacuum sealer are more durable and offer stronger suction. However, […]

Advantages and warnings of robot vacuum cleaners such as Roomba

Fed up with cleaning the regular dust and dirt sticking to your home floors or the irritating debris that collects in your backyard? If you are thinking of allocating this time-taking job to a robot vacuum, then you are moving on to a good decision. Brands such as Romba have come out with series of […]

Why all modern homes need robot vacuum cleaners

We all know vacuuming is one of the most hated household chores. It is boring, laborious and time-consuming. For people who just do not want to do vacuuming, robot vacuums are the perfect choice. These vacuum cleaners look like discs and are available at affordable prices. Some of the benefits of having this appliance to […]

All you need to know before buying a vacuum cleaner

Every household owns one or the other type of vacuum cleaner to ensure cleanliness without a lot of labor. The industry of vacuum cleaners is huge and every year billions of dollars are spent on vacuum cleaners in USA. But with hundreds of different varieties available in the market, a new buyer might be confused […]