3 easy-to-make flavored iced coffee recipes for a cool summer

As soon as summer and spring descend, it’s time to whip up the seasonal beverages that will keep you cool. Iced tea and flavored iced coffee are two of the most popular beverages during this time; they give you your caffeine fix as well as a respite from the heat outside. It’s true that your […]

3 delectable twists to make your iced coffee delightful

Flavored iced coffee is one of the best pick-me-up beverages. They taste like delicious desserts and go down smoothly as any light beverage. The best thing about flavored iced coffee is that it lets you have your daily caffeine fix in summer without the heat of freshly brewed hot coffee. Making iced coffee at home […]

3 of the most popular old fashioned recipes

Old fashioned recipes of comfort foods have withstood the test of time. They are still being shared and enjoyed today. Comfort food represents a homely feeling. It represents the belief of heart and soul that one puts in cooking. Here are some old-fashioned recipes that are worth a try: Cornbread salad Let us start with […]

Quick iced coffee recipes that you should try today

Is the onset of spring making you want to sip on an iced beverage? Then there is undoubtedly nothing better than a delicious cup of iced coffee. A perfect blend, iced-coffee can amazingly serve your craving for coffee and dessert as well. We bet, the idea of one can make you squeal. So what are […]

Decadent coffee cake recipe to die for

Everyone enjoys a good cup of coffee and everyone loves cake. So what is the best way of indulging in both these things at once? Coffee cake! Everyone loves a cake that has the richness and the strong flavor aroma of coffee. Here is a recipe for the most decadent coffee cake. It’s chocolaty, full […]

Smoothies for a healthier you

Low-fat cooking is a culinary niche that hits many targets at once. Not only is this a great way for those who are watching their weight and for those who want to steadily lose plenty of weight, but it is also a great approach to staying in shape and in the best of health. With […]

10 best healthy smoothie recipes

Good health is the key to a good life. It is important that we should be conscientious of what we put in our bodies. However, sometimes, we tend to falter. For instance, we might want grab a quick snack between meals. In such situations, it is best to have alternate healthy options at hand. Smoothies […]

10 smoothies for a good health

All healthy smoothies recipes include natural ingredients that are loaded with abundant nutrients, and they fill you up instantly. Smoothies not only are good nutrient supplements, they also help you in weight loss. Here are 10 healthy smoothie recipes that you can have when you are on the go. 1. Frozen Fruit Smoothie: Frozen fruit […]

The not-so-bloody history of Bloody Mary!

Bloody Mary is one of the most intriguing drinks that one can come across. Often people think that this cocktail has something to do with the age-old myth used to scare children to sleep. However, sipping on a glass of Bloody Mary won’t conjure any spirit, instead it would definitely make you feel ecstatic. The […]