Mathematical calculations – The Aztec way

The Aztecs dealt with more numbers than we do. They had symbols for denoting numerical concepts. When it came to measuring land for levying the property tax or tribute, these medieval Mesoamericans, or the Aztecs used arrows, hearts, hands and other units to represent fractions, say the new study of science. To denote half the […]

History of mathematical symbols

The history of mathematical notation includes its commencement, progress and further cultural diffusion. There were conflict of methods of notations. The history includes multicultural and lingual including Roman, Greek, Hebrew, German, Hindu, Arabic and German alphabets. These host of mathematical symbols were developed in the due course of centuries. The ones that gained popularity are […]

4 simple ways to solve mathematical problems easily

Mathematics is one of the subjects which you can spend hours calculating, studying and deriving equations and you might not end up wiser. Mathematical problems can prove to be tough when you have time constraint. And if you cannot solve the problem after a particular iteration, you are lost. However, there are some techniques for […]

Mathematical history

Mathematics is the area of study which deals with quantities, numbers, structure, space, and change.There is a range of views and perception among mathematicians and philosophers that define mathematics with completely different scopes and with different ranges. Before the modern age when knowledge was concentrated among a select few, written examples of new mathematical developments […]