8 most popular washing machine cleaning ideas

Cleaning washing machine twice every week helps in getting rid of bad odor, germs, bacteria and mold that your machine might develop. Here are some washing machine cleaning ideas that you can use to prevent your washing machine from getting dirty. The gasket of the washing machine traps the water washed away from clothes and […]

Here’s how you can keep your washing machine clean naturally

If you have ever wondered why your washing machine smelled funny, it is probably because of limescale or mold build up inside the washing machine. If you are skeptical to using chemicals and other products to clean your washing machine, then are some washing machine cleaning ideas that you can apply to clean your washing […]

How to choose a washing machine

In today’s world, technology has gone to such level that we don’t even need to worry or get tensed about doing our household works. Some machines and equipment have been invented to help us do our regular household job. One of these beneficial inventions is the invention of the washing machine. It was designed to […]

Pros and cons of front load and top load washing machines

Washing machines are one of the hardest appliances to shop for, and the worst part is that it is going to stay with you forever, unless under rare instances, you consider changing it. Owing to the bulky size, they can be a real pain to transport. Plus the market is flooded with jargon that confused […]