Heart health facts every women should know

Heart health should never be taken lightly. Today, there are a number of factors that contribute to people developing stress, anxiety, hypertension, blood pressure, high levels of cholesterol, all which lead to one or the other symptoms of developing heart diseases. What works for men’s health, does not have to necessarily work for womens health. […]

10 heart attack symptoms that are uncommon

When you surf the internet, you are prone to come across blogs that talk about “10 heart attack symptoms” or “most common heart attack symptoms,” but these are the ones we expect and are warned about in advance. Mentioned below are 10 heart attack symptoms that are uncommon: Achy arms Achy arms refer to persistent […]

Heartburn and heartburn trigger foods

How does one tell if he or she is having a heartburn? Read on to know more. Although heartburn can be traced to different causes, almost everyone experiences the same kinds of symptoms. It’s important to know what a heartburn is to identify and cure it. Knowing the causes 0f heartburn and accurately identifying the […]

Understanding heartburn trigger foods: Common items that cause heartburn

What is a heartburn? When the stomach acid flows up into your esophagus, it causes a burning feeling in your chest and throat; this feeling is known as heartburn. This feeling becomes most difficult to handle after eating food and can last for several hours. Heartburn is common and can be taken care off with […]

Vitamin supplements that improve heart health

Vitamin supplements help you by making your bones and muscles strong. Some vitamins have also proved to help lower your cholesterol and improve blood pressure. Regular intake of these vitamins reduces your risk of heart diseases. The following is the list of vitamins for heart health. Vitamin D: As per a study conducted by Framington […]

How to prevent heart diseases?

Heart diseases are one of the leading causes of death. You cannot change the risk factors like the problem being in the family or age. But with some conscious efforts and healthy lifestyle choices, you can keep heart diseases at bay. The following are some tips to keep your heart healthy. Say no to smoking: […]

Tips for maintaining a healthy heart

Heart is one of the main body organs, and one must take care of this life-giving organ. The number of heart patients, across the world, is increasing at a rapid rate, and heart diseases of various sorts have become common. Thus, it is high time we must learn the right ways to take good care […]

Eating for a healthy heart

In our face-paced lifestyle, our food habits have changed drastically. Fast foods and unhealthy eatables have become an inevitable part of our diet, causing numerous problems like diabetes, obesity, heart problems, etc. Although there has been a significant decrease in deaths due to heart diseases globally, a maximum amount of deaths in America are caused […]

Best heart healthy recipes

For the body, food acts as fuel that drives us, day in and day out. Whether we earn to eat food, or we eat food to get up the next morning and earn well, it is one of the basic requirements that cannot be ignored. Yet, the wrong kind of food can also lead to […]