How to find bed bugs

If you typically find infestation of bed bugs at your residence, then it is better to find and get rid of it early on before it starts to spread. Treating the bed bug problem at the starting stages could make it easier and economically viable to treat and get rid of. During later stages, the […]

Bed bug pest control

The Cimex Lectularius, commonly known as bed bugs, is a pest that feeds on the blood, which causes itchy bites to appear on the skin and generally irritate the human hosts. The government agencies such as the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention), the EPA (The Environmental Protection Agency), and the USDA (United States […]

How to tackle bed bugs with sprays

Bed bugs are a problem that one never wishes to face even a minor version of in their lives any time. The flat, oval-shaped, brown-reddish colored wingless bugs are less than 7mm long, but when the problem occurs, they appear in large numbers where size doesn’t matter. The average female bedbug can deposit up to […]

Bed bugs problems and treatment

Bed bugs are these small, almost like a mustard seed like oval, brownish insects which survive on the blood of humans or animals. Nymphs (immature bed bugs) usually shed five times of their skin to reach adulthood and they require copious amounts of blood before each shedding. They can’t fly but can move around the […]