How to choose the best energy company for you?

Customers choose their energy company by the reviews on customer satisfaction, value for money, cheap bills and energy saving systems. You can get gas and electric connection from different suppliers or go with one company that offers both services. It is advisable to check over the company’s track record to enjoy a stress-free experience in […]

Best energy companies to work for

Energy is one of the most profitable sectors to work for. Nowadays, employees are not only satisfied with good pay, they also look for factors that aid in employee retention. They look for flexible company policies, maternity leave and cordial work environment. Companies have upped their ante to retain their employees as well. Factors that […]

Best alternative energy companies to work for

With the threat of global warming looming on the horizon, we have been on the lookout for alternative and renewable energy streams. This has indeed, been a profitable sector since it is not only environment-friendly but also brings in high revenue. These companies bring in diverse group of employees to fulfill various company roles. They […]

Top energy stocks

Oil is among the most volatile commodities on earth. Oil prices have been in the news with price of a barrel going as low as $30 in the early 2016. The¬†International Energy Agency¬†predicts that the oversupply will end in late 2017. So, this is actually a lifeline of hope for consumers and it should boost […]