Steps involved in choosing the right European river cruise

The thought of planning a European river cruise in 2019 can invoke a feeling of excitement, anticipation,¬†and frustration all at once. The slew of navigable rivers in Europe has led to an unstoppable eruption of companies offering European river cruises. Fortunately, the plethora of options on offer has crowned customer as “king.” Beginning to navigate […]

Here’s what you need to know about Cuba cruises

Just 90 miles from the United States, Cuba famously sits detached from the maddening consumerism and modernity that our nation has to offer. Throughout the Cold War and beyond, the idea of visiting Cuba was just nothing but an idea, a distant pipe dream. Things are different today, Cuba is a lot closer than what […]

Things you need to know before going on a Cuba cruise

Cuba was a lesser known island to most Americans due to its severely limited access, and the ongoing tension between the two nations. With the change of regulations in 2015, there has been some amount of reduction in the restrictions on visits between the countries. Now, more and more people are taking a Cuba cruise […]

Easy hacks to choose the right cruise line

Have you always wanted to go on a cruise? It is certainly one of the most exciting ways to vacation. Yet, there are so many cruise lines that you might it difficult to choose. Getting the most for your money is a priority, which is why this guide aims to help you with exactly that. […]

Useful cruise tips for every first-timer

Romantic, exciting, and thrilling, a cruise is something you should go on at least once. There are Europe cruise tours to try as well as cruises to other equally exotic locales. If you have never been on one, but are actively planning it, there are a few things to know. Follow these tips to have […]

Popular last-minute cruise deals that you should consider

Are you all geared up for your next vacation? So why not choose a lavish cruise which will be worth spending your money in? Here is a list of a few of the best last-minute cruise deals compiled for you. 7-Night Mediterranean Cruise Starting from Barcelona This Mediterranean cruise starting from Barcelona and returning again […]

How to enjoy a cruise affordably!

Sometimes, amusement is preceded by the angst of making choices and cruising falls under this category. There is a lot to consider before going on a pleasure voyage. The task of spending hours on the internet to choose the right cruise line for your purpose and taste is mostly overwhelming. But with the right choice […]

Senior cruise package and how to get the best from it

Cruises for people over 50 years of age are a great way for seniors to meet new people who share similar interests and enjoy customized events crafted just for them. It is a fact that seniors enjoy cruises more than any other age group. Some of these seniors go with friends while others opt to […]

How to make the best out of cheap senior cruise packages

The best cruises for senior citizens span the gamut from bucket-list destinations and adults-only cruise ships to cruise lines that cater to multigenerational families and travelers with medical conditions or disabilities. Whether you’re looking for onboard learning, relaxing sea days, themed sailing or fine dining – pretty much all the cruise lines have got them […]

Vital apps to get the best last minute deals on your next UK cruise

Why book last minute travel UK, Asia, and US deals via a smartphone app? Simple, because it is quick and easy and importantly will cost about 10 to 40 percent less on your planned travel expense. According to a report, over 60 percent people prefer last minute hotel room bookings via a mobile device. Eleventh-hour […]