Best age for collecting Social Security benefits

The oft-asked question is that at which age on the full age retirement chart should one begin collecting his/her Social Security benefits? The answer lies in what one’s “full” or “normal” retirement age is. Earlier, one could begin collecting benefits, although reduced, at age 62 or one could wait until they were 65. Now, full […]

5 things you must know about social security

Social security is the term used for federal program (OA SDI) in the United Sates. It began to make headway in1935. The prime motivation of this federal system is to provide financial support to its nation’s workers in retirement. Such an existence of a social security system is left concealed among most of the country’s […]

Lost your social security card? Here’s what to do next

Losing important documents can be hassling, especially if it is something as important as your social security card. Although it is usually advised not to carry around your social security card in your wallet, a lot of people still do it, increasing the chances of losing the card in case their wallet is stolen or […]

How to replace a social security card

The Social Security number is the single most important identification tool for individuals in the country. It is essentially a nine-digit number issued by the social security administration of the United Sates for its citizens, permanent residents, and temporary (working) residents under the Section 205(c)(2). The major purpose of this social security number is to […]