Respiratory disorders – an overview

The respiratory function is carried out by specialized organs. These organs consist of an air intake, the nose, a pre-warming and filtering area, the sinuses and an opening into the mouth, the pharynx, the larynx or the voice box and the trachea. The trachea divides into two at its lower end into the bronchi which […]

Types of respiratory disorders and tuberculosis

The lung is prone to many infections and other deadly diseases such as cancers, etc. These are the results of injuries, causing varying degrees of impediments to the transfer of nerve impulses from the brain. Improved surgical techniques repairing of spinal injuries is a respite, indeed. Listed below are some of the types of respiratory […]

Disorders of the upper and lower respiratory tract

The upper respiratory tract consists of the nose, the sinuses, and the pharynx. The pharynx has a large number of lymph gland distributed around, the important ones being the adenoids and the tonsils. The diseases encountered in this are viral or bacterial infections. These lymph glands do a very efficient job of arresting bacteria and […]