3 joint exercises for a healthy life

Joint health is essential to maintain the normal range of motion and joint flexibility. With age and mostly with a sedentary lifestyle, the movement of joints becomes restricted. This leads to a number of ailments, which may have life-long repercussions. The joints also become weak and susceptible to injuries. This makes it necessary to regularly […]

Here’s what you need to know about the causes of bursitis

Bursitis is a painful condition that may result from a variety of causes and make the fluid-filled bursa in the joints to swell. While some causes of bursitis may stem from an infection, others include repetitive movements that make these cushion between the joints irritated and swollen. Bursitis causes common symptoms like pain, redness, tenderness, […]

5 popular causes of bursitis

Fluid-filled sacs in the joints called bursae surround the areas where tissues, tendons, and the skin meets bones. The main aim of bursae is to provide enough lubrication and reduce friction while moving. Bursitis is basically a type of inflammation of this fluid-filled sac. When the bursae get inflamed, it causes extreme pain and discomfort […]

Exercises to cure trigger finger

When there is an inflammation in the tendons of the finger and thumb, a trigger finger condition occurs. When the inflammation in the tendons appear in the thumb, it becomes triggered thumb. Tendons are tissues that are thick and tough enough to bind the muscles with the bones. There are membranes that are always lubricated […]

Top causes of swollen feet and ankles

The cause of swollen feet and ankles cannot be restricted to a certain type of disease or symptom. Although it is a prevalent condition, it is not defined by one single reason. The cause of swollen feet and ankles is¬†majorly¬†because of, either a condition of fluid retention in the body or a condition of edema. […]

Five ways to treat a swelling on your feet and ankles

Swelling of your feet and ankles is a recurrent condition among individuals who indulge in rigorous physical activities, it is an inevitable condition among pregnant women; there are many other causes of swollen feet and ankles. Swollen feet and ankles can be a painful condition, but luckily there are a few easy remedies that could […]

5 common causes of tingling hands and feet you should know about

The sensation of pins-and-needles or foot tingling that you occasionally feel is quite normal. This is usually caused due to being in the same position for a long time: when you sleep in an awkward position or keep your legs crossed for a long time, the blood circulation slows down leading to a temporary tingling […]

Bursting the myths about fungal infections

People are usually scared of what they do not understand. This is applicable when fungal infections are being discussed. Initially when you get a rash on your neck or your arm, you would think of something as trivial as an insect bite or a sun burn. Only when it starts itching and you experience a […]