Blisters – Causes and how to heal blisters quickly

Blisters are a small bubble like pockets that can develop in any part of the body. These pockets pop up and are filled with a fluid-like substance that forms on the top layer of the skin. Blisters¬†are usually itchy and come with little or no pain. They¬†may be caused due to several reasons and here […]

How to heal blisters using home remedies

Everyone has suffered from a blister at least once in their life. Blisters are a sensitive, damaged body tissue that is caused by friction and can be painful and infuriating. They are small pockets of fluid that pop up under the layer of the skin. Blisters may be filled with blood, pus, or a watery […]

5 reasons why the top of your foot hurts

Any pain is undesirable. Pain in your feet is the worst. You are left uncomfortable all through the day, you can’t put on your favorite sneakers, and what’s more apparent is that you can’t walk all that well. This article is to help you find out why your foot might be in pain, in particular, […]

Bid adieu to foot corns with these home remedies

If you love going for walks or jog your way to a fit body, then a major setback would be an impairment that wouldn’t allow you to walk or jog with your regular ease. There can be tons of reasons that would deter you from walking normally and would turn this relatively easy exercise to […]

Home remedies for curing toenail fungus

A toenail infection causes mild discomfort with no or minimum foul odor, often very commonly treated by medical professionals. There is no immediate cause for worry or concern, with a number of home remedies available at your disposal to treat the same. Here are a few easy and cost effective options to deal with toenail […]

Important things to know about toenail fungus

Toenail fungus is a common infection which makes the toenail brittle, thick and crumbly. Although it is very common and treatable by a medical professional, which does not necessarily need a lot of diagnosis, there are a few things you should be aware of this infection. There are chances that infection can be chronic, which […]