4 top-rated probiotic products for a healthy life

Live bacteria and yeast come under the category of probiotics. Probiotics are helpful bacteria that aid in digestion and improves your immunity system. Probiotics help in preventing and curing urinary tract infection (UTI). So probiotic-based products should be a regular part of women’s diet since UTI majorly affect women. If you are suffering from irritable […]

Top-rated probiotic products made at home

Bacteria are of two types: good and bad. Your body needs good bacteria so that all your bodily functions work well. Generally, your gut or intestinal tract will host a lot of these bacteria. These bacteria help in absorption of nutrients from food and get rid of unhealthy elements from your digestive system. They also […]

Here’s why probiotics are great for you

The word “probiotic” comes from the combination of a Latin proposition and a Greek word ‘pro’ meaning encouraging, in favor of something and ‘bio’ meaning life. Probiotics, essentially, are the live bacteria and yeast which are beneficial to humans and are ingested to populate the intestines. It was an observation made by Dr. Elie Metchnikoff […]

How probiotics work and what are their benefits

Yogurt is probably the first probiotic that was ever identified and used. Although other types of probiotics were discovered and unearthed, the public association is so strong that a mere mention of probiotic will still bring yogurt to mind. That being said, the probiotic yogurt benefits are numerous in number. However, as mentioned earlier, yogurt […]