Know about the evolution of philanthropy

We see several big names, be it filmmakers or politicians, in today’s world involved with philanthropic activities. Though there are several varied definitions of philanthropy, it can be understood as humanity working towards the betterment of humankind.The notion of philanthropy is not something new. Here is how the modern form of philanthropy reached its present […]

Challenges faced by data philanthropy and its role in human welfare

Aimed at benefiting the public, data philanthropy involves the collaborative effort of private sector companies by the means of haring data. Ranging from humanitarian to academic use, there are several uses of data philanthropy in the modern world.The philanthropy in data philanthropy advocates the fact that data sharing is a positive act, as well as […]

How philanthropic acts do good to your business

Most of the business owners and executives find philanthropy as something extra that they would do only when they have time and money. They feel that the acts of giving may not fetch them such rewards that some marketing or advertising strategies bring along. However, business owners need to know that philanthropy can be highly […]

How philanthropy play a significant role in your life

Philanthropy is doing some good to the society or world out of your love for humanity. It refers to contributing to the welfare of the less privileged in financial or non-financial terms. Philanthropy is a giving practice that an individual as well as an organization or business can initiate. However, at an individual level, it […]