Nerves could be at risk due to shingles

A nerve pain caused due to the damage or disease that affects the health of the nervous system of a person. When your nerves have a problem or are damaged, they send pain signals to the central nervous system and you feel the pain. This pain is usually felt as burning, stabbing, shooting, aching, or […]

Prevent yourself from shingles before it infects you

Shingles, as you may already know, is a disease that come in the form of an infection. The virus that causes chicken pox causes shingles, while the virus that causes shingles is called Varicella zoster and can infect someone who suffered from chicken pox at a young age. Once a child has recovered from chicken […]

Shingles – Symptoms and treatment

Shingles are painful skin rashes with blisters, which in most cases, develop on one particular side of the body. Theyare caused by varicella-zoster virus,a type of herpes virus, which is the same virus that causes chickenpox. When you are exposed to this virus, it will initially cause chickenpox. Even after you have fully recovered from […]

Causes and Symptoms of Shingles

Shingles is a contagious disease caused by the virus varicella-zoster. This virus is the cause for chickenpox as well. Once someone has had the chickenpox infection, the virus remains dormant in the body and can reactivate years later to cause shingles. This virus is a part of herpes group of viruses. This is the reason […]