What are the requirements needed for a new passport

There is a protocol you will have¬†to follow if you are applying for a new passport. It is better to apply for the passport in person by filling the form DS-11 in these following cases: If this is the first time you are applying for a passport If you are below 16 If your previous […]

Important requirements for a new passport

Getting a new passport made will require you to produce evidence that helps you identify yourself as a US citizen. If you are applying for a new passport for the first time, there is a DS-11 form that you will need to fill and submit along¬†with a copy of all the necessary documents. For renewing […]

Steps to follow for a hassle-free passport renewal

Besides being an entryway to offshore travel and employment opportunities, your passport is also your safeguard against travel liberty intrusions. Such a key document needs to be legally binding for the entire duration of the trip to steer clear from trouble. Contrary to the popular sentiment, passport renewal is not that an intricate process. The […]

Passport renewal – Five frequently asked questions

Even in the age of information and technology, the passport renewal process for some individuals is shrouded in mystery. The knowledge deficit restricts them from making educated decisions and eventually fall prey to adversities. Bringing a change in the status quo, we have put together credible answers for the most frequently asked questions regarding passport […]