4 causes that can lead to attention deficit disorder

Attention deficit disorder is one of the most common conditions that affect children. A brain-based disorder, it leads to unpredictable behavior of a child. While, acts such as not following instruction, blurting out inappropriate comments and engaging in rude behavior is common for a few days, children with attention deficit disorder tend to do these […]

An overview of Atrial Fibrillation

Almost 2.7 million Americans live with Atrial Fibrillation (AFib), yet most are not aware of how serious the issue is or that they even suffer from something with such a name. Hence, it is essential to raise awareness about this condition so that people can take steps before they are affected with fatal heart problems. […]

AFib: Symptoms and treatment

Atrial fibrillation (AFib) is a condition where the heart rate is much faster and irregular than the normal rate. Due to this condition, one may observe counter effects like breathlessness, excess fatigue, and heart palpitations. If you do not undergo timely treatment, AFib may lead formation of blood clots, resulting in a stroke and the […]

What you should do for AFib treatment

Atrial fibrillation is a heart disease in which the heart rate is faster than the normal, and the patient experiences irregular heartbeats. It is also known as afib very commonly. The symptoms of this condition are difficulty in breathing, pain and discomfort near the chest region, fatigue, heart palpitations, etc. If afib is left untreated, […]