4 reasons why it benefits to get your dog a DNA test

Pet owners may often wonder what it would be like to get a dog DNA test. Well, now it is possible! There are a plethora of companies that specialize in developing DNA test kits for owners who are curious and wish to know more about the background of their dog. This opportunity often entices owner’s […]

3 popular dog DNA test kits that yield accurate results

Everyone is quite familiar with the concept of DNA testing which is used to find out one’s ancestry and family heritage. We have often seen how DNA tests have helped catch criminals (on-screen and off-screen) and the dramatic effects of the same. The curiosity to learn more about oneself has prompted humans to include their […]

Things to know if you own a english bulldog

If you are into stout, smushy faced pooches, then, English bulldogs are definitely a breed for you. They are medium sized dogs that are short and compact, with wide chest and small rear. Their large heads and chest are perfectly complimented by strong legs and front paws. Their large jaws with a comparatively smaller under […]

6 Reasons why you should adopt puppies

Every creature you see today is a wonderful creation of God. however, not everybody thinks so. Many people buy pets and use them as toys for mere entertainment or as a prop on social media for a titled lifestyle. Such people treat the animals miserably and even abandon them on the streets to die. If […]

Popular dogs and puppies adoption homes in the USA

Dogs make the best companions and there are reasons as to why they are considered as man’s best friend. While dogs love us unconditionally, there are humans who don’t understand that. They buy dogs and then abandon them in the middle of nowhere and they have no choice but to fend for themselves. Keeping a […]

Things you must look for when buying a Shih Tzu puppy

Have you decided what your new family member will be like? So, it is a Shih Tzu puppy, eh? But before going for a Shih Tzu puppies sale, you must know everything about it and certain things must be kept in mind. Always buy from a registered breeder Many of you out there must be […]

How is pricing done in the case of boxer puppies sale?

Before boxer puppies are put up for sale, their pricing is done depending on a wide range of factors. Here are some of the factors on which the pricing depends. Health testing Several health tests are performed before a puppy is delivered to you. You will see that it is always mentioned in the site […]