List of colleges offering college grants to women

The last century or so has seen a considerable surge in the onus given to women’s education as more and more women are striving to break the glass ceiling, becoming more than just bread winners but more importantly, business leaders. However, the fact still remains that women are largely underrepresented when it comes to institutional […]

College grants for women in non-traditional and under-represented fields of academics

The 21st century has seen a considerable surge in women’s education with more women not only choosing to go on to post-graduate programs but also entering hitherto male dominated and non-traditional streams of study. There are a number of grants offered by both federal and private organizations specifically with the motive of encouraging women to […]

All that one needs to know before applying for a free grant

Do you have a dream education to pursue and have no idea where to get the funds? Do you have a research proposal that you know will further the frontiers of knowledge but are worried about funding your passion? Regardless of what you wish to study, are you aware that there are a large number […]