5 home remedies to stop the appearance of blood in urine

There are various reasons why the different organs of our body can start malfunctioning, and though the disease doesn’t manifest itself till some time, certain symptoms do surface before the disease begins its full-fledged onslaught. One such prominent symptom is the appearance of blood in urine which may be linked to different diseases. When an […]

Popular e coli in urine causes

It is a fact that many types bacteria live in our intestines. While most of these are beneficial for the human body, others may cause infections. One of the common types of infection-causing bacteria is the E. coli O157: H7. Some of the most common early symptoms of e coli infection include diarrhea, abdominal pain, and […]

Here’s what you need to know about e coli in urine

Urine tract infection that is often called UTI, is the most prevalent bacterial infection that affects millions of people, primarily women, across the globe. UTI is caused when the e coli bacteria in the body produces toxins that interfere with the standard processes of the intestines and the urinary tract. E coli in urine, likewise, […]

The diagnosis and medication for uric acid

Uric acid occurs naturally in the body as a result of a natural breakdown. When the kidneys process purine, a natural element found in foods, uric acid is produced. The acid is filtered out by the kidneys and is passed flushed out of the body through urine. A small portion may also be passed out […]

Here’s why blood appears in the urine and semen

We know we are in perfect health when our body can perform all its functions without any obstacle When all our organs are functioning at their level best, one can perform all his daily tasks with great ease. In case there is something seriously wrong with our body, the body sends out signals that there’s […]

Effective treatment methods to stop the appearance of blood in urine and semen

Our body gives out indications when something interferes with its normal functioning. When these signs are neglected, they give rise to even serious medical conditions which might be too difficult to cure. Anything out of the normal has to be attended to immediately. A sudden drop in the blood pressure or incessant chills is the […]

Proteinuria – The process of protein in urine test

Protein is present in the bloodstream of every individual. This protein is necessary for the healthy functioning of the body. It promotes the growth and aids in the building of muscles and bones while carrying out other important functions such as controlling the excess formation of fluid in the body. However, when the kidneys do […]

5 home remedies to decrease protein in your urine

Proteinuria or protein in urine is an indicator of bad kidney health. Most people who suffer from kidney diseases are likely to be affected by this condition. Normally, protein is present and circulates in the bloodstream of the body. However, when the kidneys are unhealthy and its filters do not carry out their function efficiently, the […]

Definition, causes and symptoms of urine color

Urine color is an important indicator of your health and hydration; different colors define how good or bad the condition of your urine is. This defining chart is called the urine color chart. A urine color chart shows different shades of yellow and defines the health of your urine through the intensity of the color. […]

Types of urine colors and what they indicate

Talking and discussing urine among people is unacceptable in most cases, but it is your urine that tells you a lot about your health and hydration levels. Urine has multiple colors, and they are defined in a ‘urine color chart.’ A urine color chart helps you identify your hydration levels from the color of your […]