Got a new cat home? Here’s how to name your cat

Cats have always been revered animals. Known as “Mau” in ancient Egyptian culture, cats were considered sacred. They were worshipped by the ancient civilizations. Various studies based on DNA comparisons state that cats were first domesticated around 10,000 years ago. The Egyptians gave the felines equal importance as humans. This is evident from the mummified […]

5 different types of cat litter for your feline partner

Everyone loves coming home to furry tails and pink paws, and cats being the independent creatures that they are, you won’t have to fuss around them. Cats are one of the best-behaved and independent animals, and for people who work long hours, cats are the best companion. You don’t have to take them for a […]

Top four cat food brands and their reviews

Some of the best cat food reviews include brands that have been analyzed keeping in mind one important factor, the formula. For the top brands to make this list of cat food reviews, the formula had to contain a high protein diet essential for cats, should not contain artificial ingredients, preservatives, and dyes. The formula […]

What should you look for while buying cat food

Buying food for your pets can be challenging, with many brands and pet food supplements available in the market. Your pets are like family, and you want to give your family the best there is, which is of particular importance when it comes to food and drink. Cat food especially should be a perfect blend […]

Best online companies of dry cat food sample from the U.S

It is definitely not always possible to make food at home for your kitty and you may not have enough time to go to the pet shop as well. Fret not! In this era of online shopping, the number of stores that sell online cat food samples is plenty. Here is a list of some […]

Homemade cat food samples you should be trying immediately

You may find a lot of cat food out there in the market but they are not always healthy. Homemade food is the best for providing your cat with nutrition. You can start making some homemade samples and try it with your cat initially. A word of warning here – Before starting to make food […]

Top 10 best self-cleaning litter boxes for your cat

Are you troubled with litter cleaning of your pet cat? Then you should know that there are plenty of self-cleaning litter boxes out in the market. They will save your time and labor and will clean themselves automatically. Following are some self-cleaning litter boxes which will serve great for your kitty: Litter Robot III This […]