Here’s why maintaining normal creatinine levels is imperative

There are various parameters set by our body which is to be met, and this serves as an indication of whether all our organs are in their optimum form. Our blood pressure, our blood sugar levels, creatinine levels, etc. are supposed to be within the accepted range which is an indicator that we are healthy. […]

5 effective tips to maintain normal creatinine levels

Our body is wired in a manner that it gives us warnings before the onset of the impending doom. The increase in blood pressure levels or the blood sugar level is a sign that our body is in distress, and effective measures are to be taken to bring our blood pressure and blood sugar back […]

6 effective home-remedies for curing UTIs

UTI is a common infection that affects a majority of individuals at least once in their lifetime. You can diagnose yourself with a UTI when you experience the urge to pee frequently or when you experience a tingling and burning sensation when you pee. The UTI causing bacteria would have firmly lodged themselves in your […]

5 Major causes of UTIs

Our body has been designed to know what is beneficial for it and what would bring it in harm’s way. Thus, our mechanisms allow the waste products from our body to exit and makes room for better things to remain. When you have to answer nature’s call or take a morning dump, that is your […]