Types of strokes and their symptoms

Strokes are of two types. They are different from a heart attack and occur in the brain of a human body. There are many reasons why this happens. Strokes are of two types and there are symptoms knowing which you can prevent the high impact of a stroke. Ischemic and hemorrhagic are the two types […]

Understanding and preventing strokes

With the lifestyle each one of us is leading, it is about time we understood what health hazards this lifestyle can lead us to. Stroke and heart failures may sound inevitable but they aren’t. The faster we realize this, the better we can help us and everyone around us limit the possibilities of a stroke […]

5 tried and tested measures to prevent mini strokes

The human body, even with all its evolved features, is highly vulnerable. Outside malicious agents or our hereditary nature, either of these can wreak havoc within our body. However, almost every disease or disorders that plagues the world can be treated effectively. However, treatment and prevention are two entirely different concepts. Prevention comes before treatment. […]

An overview of mini stroke- causes and symptoms explained

A healthy body is what dictates our need to get up early in the morning and go for a jog or slog away at the gym. Though the human body is quite unique, it is also very vulnerable. An outside agent or a glitch in our internal functioning can cause serious harm to our body. […]