How to ensure smooth processing of payroll

It is indeed a difficult endeavor to provide for the livelihood of many employees. It is important that all the proceedings related to payroll are done accurately, else employers risk losing the goodwill and trust of their employees. The IRS takes serious action against payroll penalties. So, employers must make sure that they are completely […]

Know the various components of your payroll check

Payroll check is a paper document that an employer pays an employee for services rendered. This document contains the full breakdown of the various components that an organization provides. The payroll check holds the net amount that an employee has earned. Payroll check and payroll stub A payroll “stub” on the other hand, holds details […]

Employee payroll and the HR department

A corporate set up is complete when it can an efficient HR department is established. HR department under takes various activities or so as to be called as various services, ranging from recruitment services to employee welfare services which include payroll services and sub-service of employee payroll. A subset service under payroll service is employee […]

Payroll services as a business venture

Payroll service is one of the hottest business ventures in the world today. Offerings from the independent HR firms are not just alluring and but also end up providing the best value for your money. The hassles of following up on recruitment services, payroll queries handling, etc. is now being taken over by third party […]

Outsourcing payroll services

Payroll services are a part of HR (Human Resources) department in every company. It is the HR department which spends a good amount of time for their valuable employees by handling their leaves, payroll queries, performance reports and any HR related questions. Each employee is entitled to complete attention of their respective allotted HR for […]

The basics of employee payroll

A payroll service is set up for every company and is run by HR (Human Resources) department. The HR department takes on hiring, firing, employee welfare and payroll services for its company’s employees. The payroll service is particularly set up for employees handling their payroll process and queries. Payroll services are both offered in person […]

The nature of payroll services offered today

Payroll services play an integral role in any given organization in the world today. Qualities a payroll service should possess Services like quality, technology and so on must be a prime objective for any payroll firm. In terms of technology used, it must be safe, secure and reliable enough for its employees to access it […]

The functions of payroll services and HR

The HR (Human Resources) department must exist as long as the organization is there in the market. The HR department can exist independently without an in-house organization to handle; however, an organization cannot exist without a fully functional HR department. HR departments handle and take care of the company and its employees thoroughly by offering […]