Essential factors to consider when buying an electric scooter

Very different from the conventional wheelchair, a mobility scooter is a battery-powered vehicle meant to address the mobility issues that differently abled, infirm, and elderly have to contend with. An electric scooter, often referred to as a mobility scooter, empowers the user with a greater control over his movement and helps belittle barriers imposed by […]

Understanding why electric scooters are such a rage

Mobility scooters are gaining ground consistently. An increasing number of individuals with restricted mobility are breaking the myth and using electric scooters to move around conveniently. These individuals are also experiencing hassle-free riding experience, thanks to the modern versions of mobility scooters. Moreover, manufacturers are rolling out a vast variety to cater to the specific […]

Electric scooters vs. powerchairs: Which one to choose

Electric scooters and powerchairs are two of the greatest mobility options for differently abled persons, both of which allow them to reach places by eliminating the need of someone to complete the chore. They allow a person to easily control the movement of their ride and move around at their own pace. Despite some similarities, […]

Tips to keep your powerchair or electric scooter up and running for long

Both powerchairs and electric scooters receive power from batteries to keep them running. It is a good practice to leave them for overnight charging to use them the following day. Even though powerchairs and electric scooters are built keeping the long rugged usage in mind, maintenance plays an important role to keep them in their […]