Samsung QLED vs OLED – battle for value in picture technology

With the advent of today’s technology, television viewing has changed from a form of entertainment to a luxurious experience. Consumers are increasingly getting finicky about best-available picture quality, and it all boils down to technology advancement. With more choices come more problems regarding awareness of individual product features and then making an informed decision. If […]

Samsung QLED – a dramatic leap in technology

Samsung has taken a quantum leap when it comes to technology with its newly launched Samsung QLED TV. This TV outperforms even the best OLED TVs launched as it provides a complete visual satisfaction for its viewers with such pure colors and displays that it is hard to believe that you aren’t watching the contents […]

The lure of curved Samsung televisions

A smile is the most beautiful curve on the human body, and Samsung’s curved LED TV range will bring just that to your face. Images look real and vivid on the Samsung curved TV because of the curved structure and the viewer is literally surrounded with a peripheral vision of the images. The bending edges […]